Why aren’t women rioting in the streets?

Why aren’t women foot-stomping mad?  Why aren’t they writing angry letters to the editor or shouting from the rooftops or rioting in the streets?  They’ve got plenty to be mad about….From Bruce Jenner being announced as the “woman” of the year and government sponsored abortions destroying families to the continued devaluation of their contribution to society.

“Why aren’t they rioting in the streets?”, I wondered.

And then I realized why.  They aren’t rioting in the streets because they’re too busy.

While the media is glorifying men with breasts and looking down from their proverbial high horse at women who aren’t consumed with a career….Women are keeping their families together.

There are millions of women who should be fighting mad, but they aren’t because they just don’t have the time.  They’re too busy fixing lunches, wrapping presents, (getting the stains out of an entire load of laundry after I left TWO pens in the pocket of my pants–Sorry ’bout that babe), and making their houses into homes.

So be mad for them.  I’m not sure that any husband (or any five husbands) could accomplish what a woman does in one day.  They need someone to stick up for them, and if you can’t do the cooking-You can do the fighting for them.  They need it.  And they deserve it.


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