The birth of Christ

This time of year, when it seems the entire world is contemplating the birth of Christ, I think it’s good to be reminded of WHY He was born.  

The birth of Christ only occurred for one reason….So that He could die.

God looked down at His creation and saw that we owed a debt that we couldn’t possibly ever pay.  He saw that no amount of earthly sacrifice could ever satisfy His demand for justice.  But His love for us demanded that the debt be paid, that a sacrifice be offered to redeem us.

And so He sent Jesus, who endured the trials of an earthly life for thirty-some-odd years.  He was reviled, persecuted, betrayed, tortured and murdered.  But that’s why He was born.  He was born so that He could die.

And in His death He paid a debt that we couldn’t.  He satisfied God’s desire for justice, He appeased God’s wrath for our rebellion.  And He offers that forgiveness to us as a free gift, it’s available to the entire world.

It’s the greatest gift we could receive, and a gift that only He could give.