I suppose it’d be a good idea to introduce myself.  I’m a God fearing father of three boys and husband to Megan, the most patient woman on earth.  I have a healthy love for sarcasm which led to the name I chose for this blog.

After several years of hijacking Megan’s Facebook account to post things that I thought worthwhile and some encouragement from close friends I took the plunge and started this.  Don’t expect a lot of politics or incessant griping about how bad the world is.  Do expect a lot of sarcasm and stories of the bizarre things that happen when you raise three boys.

You can also expect posts talking about my faith.  I’ll be teaching a class at church soon on Challenges To Our Faith and plan on posting notes from those classes here.  But this site is a reflection of me so if my irrational opinions on Canada offend you, please know that they’re all in good fun and in no way reflect the views or opinions of God toward our strange neighbors to the north.