America has a gossip problem.

I’m sure we do on an individual level as well, but I’m not talking about that.  I’m talking about gossip on the national level.  And it’s completely out of control.

You probably don’t recognize it as gossip because it isn’t whispered in a private corner at a party or in an empty break room at your office.  We’re bombarded with this gossip everyday, right out in the open without any shame at all, but we call it “news”.

Heads up, America….
When strangers’ marriages fall apart, it’s not “news”.  Even if they’re celebrities.  And if you’re watching something, or reading something, and that something wants to tell you about stuff that’s really none of your business….It’s high time you started ignoring that something.

But at least celebrity divorces are fairly verifiable.  Either Brad and Angelina are married or they’re not.

But our country has taken the giant leap, on a national level, away from “this thing that’s none of my business happened, let’s talk about it” to “this thing that’s none of my business MIGHT have happened, let’s talk about it”.

Folks, it’s time that we stopped gossiping about what might have happened.

Every day on the “news” we’re hearing about allegation of sexual abuse from decades ago.  There’s no proof, nothing but the word of one stranger against another.  And people’s lives are being ruined because we’re listening to it.

Ask yourself this question….  Am I listening because I have a vested in the subject….or do I have itching ears, spending all of my time waiting to hear some new thing?