Teaching Teachers

Random thought after attending some training this week.

  • UnknownIf we won’t let people teach Kindergarten without a four-year degree and a teaching certificate and hands on training in the classroom….
  • If we have to fill out forms for the government to document that we’ve correctly taught our children to drive….
  • If teachers of all sorts are required to attend in-service or continuing education in order to maintain their teaching certifications….

If all of that is true and normal and perfectly understandable….

  • Why aren’t we doing more to prepare ourselves to preach the gospel?
  • If we really want to reach the world with the good news of Christ, shouldn’t we take time to understand our audience?
  • And shouldn’t we be raising our kids to know how to talk about God?

Anyone who has ever sat through a boring class or lecture knows that it’s not enough for the teacher to just KNOW the material….If they want to make a difference, they have to know how to DELIVER the material.