The Left, Tolerance, & Ellen

You know how there’s always that one guy who wants to rain on the good-time parade? Well, get out your umbrellas….

Ellen’s speech about tolerance was great. And completely unnecessary for everybody on the Right in this country. We’ve been saying for years that being decent to other humans is a good thing. 

Not being decent to other humans is the Left’s problem, as evidenced by the need for Ellen’s explanation. 

It wasn’t the Right in this country who were upset and asking why George was watching a football game with a gay democrat. It was the radical Left who were flipping out. As usual and as expected. 

And quite frankly, the Left are the folks who have it easy in this regard. It’s easy to be friendly with your neighbor when they are employed, law abiding people who believe in personal accountability. 

But “let’s just all get along” becomes a bit more difficult when the people on the other side of the aisle are wearing masks, assaulting journalists and the elderly, and murdering the unborn. 

I agree with everything Ellen said, I just can’t hide my eyeroll while I agree.

Since I originally drafted this, Vanity Fair published an article….in support of my message. Link below.