What Racism Really Looks Like

Racism is ugly.  And this is what it looks like.  

Racism looks like a black lady having to sit at the back of a bus.

Racism looks like black children having to go to a different school than white children.

Racism looks like black employees having to use a different water fountain than white employees.

Racism looks like all of those things.  And all of those things are ugly.

THAT is what racism really looks like.

What does racism NOT look like?

When black police officers are put in jail by a black State Attorney, in a city where the black mayor has the black US Attorney General (who was appointed by a black President) investigating the police department (that is 47% black)…..THAT IS WHAT JUST HAPPENED IN BALTIMORE. 


And when someone shouts “racism” in a situation like that to justify burning and looting their own city, who are they really disrespecting?

I say that they’re disrespecting the lady who had to sit on the back of the bus.  And the man who couldn’t use the same bathroom as white employees at work.  And the kids who couldn’t go to the same school as the white kids in town.  They’re tarnishing the sacrifice of all of those people.  Those people, who in the face of honest-to-goodness persecution, didn’t set their town on fire.