Dear Robert Gates, you make terrible decisions

Dear Robert Gates (Former Director of the CIA / Former Secretary of Defense / Former President of Texas A&M University / Current President of the Boy Scouts of America),

You make terrible decisions.  And what’s worse, you’re encouraging other people to follow you off the cliff of bad decisions.

You said Thursday that the Boy Scouts of America should end their ban on gay scout leaders.  It’s hard to believe that I’m really addressing the idea of gay scout leaders in the BSA, because surely anyone with the common sense God gave a fence post can see that’s a bad idea.

But since you obviously disagree, let me clear the air….it’s a bad idea.  In fact, it’s not just a bad idea, it’s a really, really stupid idea.  And that statement has nothing to do with “homophobia”, because as I’ve already said-I’m not homophobic.

The fact that gay scout leaders is a bad idea is true for the simple reason that gay people are sexually attracted to members of their own sex.  Duh.

Mr. Gates, please play along with one of my favorite games: “Good Idea–Bad Idea”

  • I am sexually attracted to women.  I’m going to leave my wife at home and go on a weekend getaway with a bunch of women…..  Good Idea or Bad Idea?
  • I am sexually attracted to women.  I’m going to leave my wife at home and go on a camping trip with a bunch of teenage girls, who will naturally (through my friendship with them and position in the organization) look up to me and admire me…..  Good Idea or Bad Idea?
  • I have an attractive teenage daughter.  I’m going to send her on a weekend camping trip with a bunch of men who are sexually attracted to women.  Good Idea or Bad Idea?

If you answered “Bad Idea” to any of these statements, then you can see that I’m right. 

For crying out loud people…This isn’t rocket surgery!

I’m definitely not saying that all gay men are pedophiles.  I’d imagine that the rate of pedophilia among gay men would be comparable to the rate of pedophilia among straight men.  So don’t make the argument about the 8 year olds in the BSA.  Because it’s not about the 8 year olds, it’s about the 16 year olds.  And being sexually attracted to a 16 year old does not make you a pedophile.  Perverted?  Maybe.  Creepy?  Sure.  But pedophilia is not about post-pubescent teenagers.  And that’s why letting gay scout leaders into the BSA is so dangerous.

  • At the peak of a young man’s hormone fueled, sexually obsessed period of life, where every waking moment is spent dealing with sexual thoughts and feelings….We’re gonna give him a role model to look up to and admire and tell him to strive to please that role model.  Then when he’s got a very special relationship with that role model we’re going to send our young man away on a weekend camping trip with the role model.  And by the way….that role model is sexually attracted to men.  I can’t even believe I have to ask this, but…..Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Mr. Gates, at 71 years old maybe you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a teenage male.  Obviously, you have.  But I haven’t.  And since I haven’t forgotten what it’s like I refuse to let the young men in my care be exposed to situations where they will be alone for extended periods of time with men who are sexually attracted to them.

Just like I wouldn’t let my teenage daughter go on a camping trip with a man who’s sexually attracted to women.

This has nothing to do with the act of homosexuality or religion, so don’t try to make it about that.  This has EVERYTHING to do with common sense and thinking rationally about sexual attraction.

If you’re sexually attracted to the gender of the young adults in my care…..  You can’t take them camping.  Duh.  Period.  End.  Stop.