The monster we’ve created

I believe that we’ve created a monster.  It’s not in our power-hungry government, not in our damaging tax code, not in our broken public school system.  I believe we’ve created a monster in our churches.

I know of three preachers who in the recent past have refused to publish their sermons online out of fear that someone totally unrelated to them or their congregation would cause trouble over what they were saying.  Not because they were preaching error, or because they were ashamed of what they were preaching…..But because it seems to be a popular pastime now for some Christians to judge not only a preacher, but an entire congregation based on one sermon-or a part of one sermon.

Should a preacher, or anyone for that matter, be given a free pass to preach false doctrine?  Of course not.

But can the totality of a person’s beliefs be expressed in one half hour sermon?  And should they be judged based on that one sermon without the benefit of an opportunity to clarify their belief?  No, and no.

Rather than condemn every brother for every incorrect or confusing thing they say, should we rather spend time to nurture and teach them with the same patience that God shows to us when we’re turning away from Him?

The monster that we’ve created is an attitude that the more people we condemn, the better we are.  The monster we’ve created is an attitude that refuses to fellowship with brothers, brothers, who-although in error-are diligently seeking to serve God.  And when we abandon our brothers who are in error, who will bring them along to a better understanding of the truth?

And that monster is stifling good Gospel preachers from sharing their knowledge….It’s not a fear from the world, it’s a fear from Pharisaical Christians.  And what a shame that is.


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