The hardest stupid decisions we make.

I really think the hardest decisions to make are not the important decisions in life.  The hard decisions are usually the stupidest ones.

If you’re dating a pretty (or handsome) girl (or dude) who’s sane, funny, smart and tolerates your quirks…do you agonize over whether or not to marry them?  No.  You just fall in love and do it, although it’s easily one of the most important decisions of your life.

Buying a house can be a harder decision, but it often boils down to finding “the one” and then just buying it.  The hard part is just finding “the one”.  All of this simplicity for the largest purchase most people will ever make.

But my goodness gracious….  Try getting your special lady to decide what to wear, kinda quick-like.  Take your kids to the store and ask them to pick out a new bike and the decision will drive them crazy.

Or ask me what I want to eat.

I don’t know what a “foodie” is but I do know that if I’m gonna be traveling more than about two hours from home I start wondering where the best places to eat are.  And if it’s an all day trip I’ll agonize over finding just the right place to eat.  I’ll look for the best chicken fried steak and cheeseburgers (in that order).  If both are present I then begin considering sides….are the fries handcut (for the cheeseburger) and do the mashed potatoes come with gravy (for the CFS)?  If both of those are a tie, I’ll try the tea and have a little internal debate over which of the foods I’ve never tasted would taste better with the tea.  If the tea is a little too bitter, I’ll revert back to Dr. Pepper and start over again.

If there are fried pickles as an appetizer (chips, not slices) the decision automatically reverts to cheeseburger without further thought, because who wants pickles and cream gravy?  That’s just gross.

I’ll even plan when we leave on the trip around what time we’ll get to the diner.  You don’t want to get there before the lunch rush and fluster the grill cook.  You don’t want to sit and watch other people eat while you wait during the lunch rush.  So you’ve gotta time a three hour drive around that perfect window of “after the lunch rush” and “before they start putting up the food and send the good cook home”.

I’ve been debating for around 18 hours if I’ll have a cheeseburger (rated #2 in the state by Texas Monthly) or a CFS.  The CFS looks great on the website but I’d like to take a look at someone else’s plate and see if the breading is too flaky.  The cheeseburger is known for it’s green chiles, which I won’t eat, so maybe it’ll be a little bland because they rely too heavily on reviews from the chile eating crowd.

And all this for a decision as simple as lunch.  Before we get home I’ll be hungry again.

I don’t know if it’s because we should just take our serious decisions more seriously, or if it’s because we’ve got our heads on so straight that the serious decisions are just no-brainers.  I’m gonna go with the latter, I don’t have time to think about it anymore because I’ve gotta decide what’s for dessert.

2 Comments on “The hardest stupid decisions we make.

  1. I lucked out Tia, they only serve CFS on Sundays so my only choice was a cheeseburger. I skipped dessert in favor of a fried green bean appetizer.

    Fried green beans are never up for debate, it must be too serious of a decision to think about!