“It’s For The Kids”….Now Give Me Your Money



Apparently my local school district has taken a play from the liberal anti-gun playbook and is using the worn out “it’s for the kids” line, which is never actually true.


“For Our Community”….”For Our Kids”

That’s the slogan for our school district’s latest bond proposal.

I guess what irritates me the most about the “for our kids” line is that the kids are only “our kids” when they need money.

  • The kids aren’t “mine” when they’re talking on their cell phone in a movie I’m trying to watch.
  • The kids aren’t “mine” when they’re bouncing all over the booth next to us when I’m out to eat with my wife.
  • The kids aren’t “mine” when they’re speeding through my neighborhood like they’re some kind of villain from Mad Max.

I know that they’re not “mine” when they’re doing those things because when they’re acting like idiots I’m not allowed to slap them.

Speaking of idiots, have you ever heard of the village idiot?  Well maybe he’s the village idiot because he was raised in this “it takes a village” mentality.

It doesn’t take a village to raise a child, and most children would be better off if the village would just mind their own business.  For crying out loud, in my town the people can’t even figure out what a red light at an intersection means.  Why on God’s green earth would I let them have a say in how my children are raised?

I don’t want anyone reading this to have a say in how I raise my kids.  And I don’t want to have a say in how you raise your kids.  I’m a big proponent of everybody spanking their own idiot kids so that they don’t grow up to be idiot adults.  It worked on me, it’ll work on them too.

And that’s what this “Our Kids-Our Community” nonsense is based in….A lack of personal responsibility.

If you want your kids to play football, cough up your own money for them to play in a pee-wee league….That’s not my responsibility.  If you want your kids to learn music, send them to private piano lessons….That’s not my responsibility either.

If it’s the community’s responsibility to support every kid and their hobbies, the community should also have the ability to tell them to shut-up, sit down, and slow down in a neighborhood.

But I know that every free-spirited, hippie parent would flip out if somebody dared to try to discipline their precious little snowflake of a child.  So I’ll just keep my money, and keep voting “NO” every time the government asks me for more money to raise somebody else’s children.