Imperfect Solutions

We need solutions.

Anyone can identify a problem.  I can look at a sick person and say, “Hey, you look awful.  I bet you’re sick.”  Any politician can say, “Our tax code is broken.”, or “We need immigration reform.”  What we need are people who are willing to come up with solutions.

Of course, all I’ve really done is identified the problem…..that we need to do more than identify problems.

So I’d like to offer a solution.  We need to be less critical of imperfect solutions.

There are very few times in any solution is perfect.  We have to acknowledge that and accept it.  And keep that in mind when we’re looking at politicians.

If a politician offers no plan, they’re wasting our time.

If we demand a perfect plan, we’re wasting our time.

If a politician sees a problem and is willing to stand up in the hyper-critical environment of American politics with an imperfect solution, they’re worth a look.


2 Comments on “Imperfect Solutions

    • I think overall we’ve just become too polarized as a society. Everyone expects politicians to agree with them 100%. I don’t even agree with myself 100% of the time…. Why would I expect someone else to?