I’m going to give my kids an unfair advantage

I’m going to give my kids an unfair advantage.  And you should too.  Especially since loving your kids is now considered giving them an unfair advantage.

A recent study revealed that children whose parents read them a bedtime story have a significant advantage in life.  That should come as no big shock to the parents reading this.  But if you’re the kind of parent who reads bedtime stories to your kids you probably also realize that it’s not the story itself that gives your kids some sort of advantage in life….it’s the love that you have for them, the love that prompted you to read a story to them, that gives your children an advantage.

Which leads us to the absurdity of the study.  Since the guiding theme in today’s society is to make sure that everything is completely and perpetually fair for everyone, philosopher Adam Swift made the bold claim that, “I don’t think parents reading their children bedtime stories should constantly have in their minds the way that they are unfairly disadvantaging other people’s children, but I think they should have that thought occasionally.”

Oh my goodness gracious.

Mr. Swift-I promise that I will always, without a doubt, do everything in my power to give my child the unfair advantage of my love.

And I promise to not occasionally think about the fact that my love is giving my kids an advantage in life.  I promise to think about it all the time.

And when I think about how much I love my kids do you know what that’s going to cause?  It’s going to make me spend more time with them.  It’s going to make me do more for them.  And even though they’re growing up and don’t care for me to read to them anymore, I’m going to read with them.  Because I love them.

And as a matter of fact, it’s really not even fair that I have kids.

You see, I’m not a “kid person”.  I never planned on having ANY kids, much less the three boys that we were blessed with.  And I certainly haven’t done anything in my life to deserve the blessing of my family.

I don’t deserve the wonderful life that God and my family have given me.  It’s completely unfair that I’ve been blessed with such great kids.  And since I’ve been so unfairly blessed with my kids, the only thing I know to do is to give them all the love that I have….so they’ll be “unfairly” blessed as well.