Find Your Tribe

Seth Godin talks a lot about our tribe.  Rather than speak of people in terms of  “friends” or “family” or “neighbors” he refers to those closest to us as our tribe.

Family can be obnoxious, exhausting or even abusive.  Friend is an over-used and watered down term.  Neighbors would sometimes be better, if they weren’t.  Because of genetics or geography those people usually retain those titles far longer than they should.

But our tribe is who we pick.  The people in our tribe have earned our respect and we want theirs.  We’ve chosen them and they’ve chosen us.  Not because of who we are, but in spite of who we are.  

You’ll protect your tribe, share with your tribe, fight and love and laugh and cry with your tribe.  The hard part is remembering that you have to let your tribe do the same for you.

They’re worth it, and so are you.


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