5 (Good) Things Everyone Should Know About Josh Duggar

Disclaimer:  I’m not a Duggar fan.  I think they’re weird.  I think JimBob’s hair is bizarre.  I think the notion of having 19 kids is outrageous.  I don’t like the show, but tolerate it on principle because it’s clean and it’s success must drive liberal America crazy.

BUT….Even though I don’t like them, it’s time for some rational thought about Josh Duggar.

#1-Josh was 14 years old when the sexual misconduct took place.

HE WAS A MINOR.  And frankly the pictures that the media is posting of Josh Duggar are pissing me off to no end.  When a 30 year old criminal gets shot by the police, the media puts his 8th grade school picture on the news.  When a “Christian” minor boy touches the boobies of a minor girl, the media puts his 30 year old picture on the news.

So don’t get caught up in the “he molested a minor” talk.  HE WAS A MINOR.

#2-Josh Duggar admitted that he had done something wrong.  BEFORE he was caught.

Josh went to his parents and told them that he was acting out on his sexual temptations when he was 14 years old.  Which, quite frankly, speaks more to his relationship with his family than against it.  Parents of 14 year old boys….How many of them talk openly with you about their struggles against sexual temptation?

#3-Josh Duggar and his family didn’t try to hide what happened.

For crying out loud…..THEY TOLD THE PEOPLE AT THEIR CHURCH WHAT HAD HAPPENED.  My goodness gracious, if you want to keep a secret you sure don’t go tell a group of church folks.  The Duggars didn’t air their dirty laundry to the world, nor should they have.  But among their circle of friends and family, what happened WAS NOT a secret.

#4-Josh Duggar got help.

The media is trying to portray the Duggar parents as irresponsible because they didn’t send Josh to a shrink.  But the fact remains, and is confirmed by the victims, that after Josh went away for three months he came back and was able to control his sexual impulses.  So…..Go Team Duggar, it worked.

#5-Josh Duggar was a pervert.

There’s no getting around that.  He touched the breasts of a sleeping girl.  And that’s pretty dog-gone creepy.  But guess what?  ALL 14 YEAR OLD BOYS ARE CREEPY.  ALL 14 YEAR OLD BOYS ARE PERVERTS.  I’ll go ahead and say what every man in America is thinking right now….When I was 14 years old I was a pervert.  Every waking minute of my life was consumed with sexual thoughts.  At an age when you have nearly no self-control, you are also fighting sexual temptations literally every minute of the day.

Has anyone reading this not changed at all since they were 14 years old in personality, character or the ability to resist temptation?  Thank goodness I have.  So why is it so hard to believe that Josh Duggar has changed?  To judge a 27 year old man based on his sexual conduct when he was 14 is Krazee.  With a K.

And that’s why Josh Duggar being a pervert is on my list of “good” things about him.  Because all 14 year old boys are perverts.  Josh Duggar is just unfortunate enough to have his 14 year old perversions broadcast to the world.

I’mAGiver Bonus Round

If Josh Duggar had said that when he was 14 he had touched another dude’s penis (they call it “experimenting”), the media would be celebrating him right now.  Because if you touch another dude it’s some kind of science project, but if you touch a girl you’re a child molester.

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    • Amen! My heart goes out to this family right now.

      • Amen! My heart goes out to this family right now.

  1. Irony…..

    Reference the Josh Duggar fiasco, who made this quote? “It was reflective of the struggles and confusion of a teenage boy,” he said. “Teenage boys are frequently confused.”

    President Barack Obama (October 22, 2006)

    If only Josh Duggar were an underprivileged minority then maybe his teenage mistakes could be overlooked.