Dear Parents of SundaySchoolers

Dear Parents of SundaySchoolers,

What would your SundaySchool look like tomorrow if……

If we encouraged our kids to study their SundaySchool lessons just like their regular homework?

If we expected our SundaySchool teachers to give tests and report cards like secular school teachers?

If we made sure that our SundaySchoolers got a good night of sleep and a healthy breakfast before SundaySchool, just like before a big test at secular school?

If all of those things happened, what would your church’s SundaySchool look like?

Or….What if our churches had a “select” SundaySchool Team?

I’m imagining a SundaySchool Team that our kids have to try out for, and they’llĀ able to travel all over the state competing against other kids in Bible knowledge and in demonstrations of their faith (I don’t know how that would work….this is an imaginary SundaySchool Team so just play along with me for a minute).

If we could put our kids on that imaginary team we could hope that they’d one day be picked up by the big leagues….Our sons could go on to be preachers and deacons and elders….Our daughters could go teach SundaySchool themselves and mentor other young women and raise Godly children and keep Godly homes in an increasingly un-Godly world.

If there were a “select” SundaySchool team that demanded unreasonable amounts of our time and money to be a part of it….

If there were a “select” SundaySchool team that gave us some sort of status among other parents of SundaySchoolers….

THEN…..THEN…..Would we finally start taking our children’s spiritual development as seriously as we take their secular education and social development and athletic ability?

And if we took our children’s spiritual development that seriously, what would our SundaySchools and SundaySchoolers look like?

And perhaps even more importantly, what would our churches look like in twenty years?



2 Comments on “Dear Parents of SundaySchoolers

  1. good idea! I’m going to give a pop quiz this Sunday! So what if I teach the 2-3 year old class!
    But really, good idea. I think next time I teach the older kids I’ll do it.