Cecil The Lion VS Planned Parenthood

The moral outrage we’ve heard about a dead lion in a far away place this week has been heart breaking to me.  Not because I care about the lion.  I actually don’t care anything at all about a geriatric lion being killed in a country that is built on lawlessness and corruption.

But it breaks my heart because of how many people I see who care so much about not only Cecil, but about his cubs.  In case you’ve never watched the Discovery channel, I’ll fill you in…..When a male lion is killed a new lion takes over the pride.  And when the new male lion takes over, he kills all of the cubs in the pride and then the female lions go into heat and he passes on his genes.

And people care about Cecil and those lion cubs, they’re outraged that those lion cubs might be killed.

Meanwhile, in America, Planned Parenthood murdered 327,653 innocent children last year.

Let that number sink in for just a minute.  You need to care about that number, because nobody else seems to.

It’s time that we start framing the arguments we have with all of the people in our country that are so wrong about so many things.

So anytime that anyone says anything about this stupid dead lion my only response will be “327,653”.  Because if we’re going to talk about murder, if we’re going to talk about money and bribery and government corruption and greed and selfishness destroying lives….327,653 is the only number I want to talk about.

I don’t care about the dead lion.  Not because I have anything against lions generally or Cecil specifically.  I don’t care about the dead lion because I don’t have the emotional energy to care about a lion in Zimbabwe when 327,653 innocent children were murdered last year in my own country.

And I refuse to be distracted from 327,653 murders by one dead lion.  I won’t be distracted.  And I hope you won’t be either.  I won’t even discuss it.  And when it comes up in a conversation, “327,653” will be my only response.