Things We Don’t Know

Just for conversation, here’s a list of things that we (mankind) DO NOT know…. 

  1. How many people are on Earth.
  2. How to accurately predict earthquakes.
  3. Why autism affects some children and not others.

We don’t understand how our bodies work, how many of our bodies there are on Earth, or how to keep our bodies safe on Earth.

Those three simple things are absolutely unconquerable for the best and the brightest minds that humanity has to offer.  Let that sink in for a minute.

And now consider this list of things that some of our “brightest minds” think they’re absolutely certain of.

  1. That the world was created billions of years ago from a big bang.
  2. That mankind is heating up the world and will eventually destroy it with carbon emissions.
  3. That there’s no reason a man can’t be a woman and woman can’t be a man.

Why exactly should we trust their answers to the last three complicated things, when they can’t even figure out the first three simple things?