“Gun Control” Is An Insult To Our Intelligence

“Gun Control” isn’t working and to say that it is, is just a slap in the face of intelligent people. 

In light of this week’s tragedy there’s going to be yet another push to expand failed gun control laws before Obama leaves office.  But the simple fact is that the gun control measures that are already in place in many places aren’t working.

Let’s take a look at Chicago, home of some of the strictest gun control laws in America.

  • Last month there were 62 people murdered in Chicago.  59 of them were shot.  That’s right….Strict gun control laws made sure that firearms were responsible for NINETY-FIVE PERCENT of the murders last month.
  • And the gun control laws aren’t working in the long term either.  Last month was the deadliest Chicago September in 13 years.
  • Every 3 hours someone is shot in Chicago.

Or let’s look at Washington DC, another bastion of gun control nonsense.

  • In DC, there have been more gun related crimes this year than in the last four years.
  • Robbery and aggravated assault crimes statistics remain unchanged in the 7 year period from 2007-2013 (the FBI crime statistics are slow to get processed, 2013 is “recent data”).
  • Rape statistics more than doubled in the same time period.
  • And yet the District of Columbia believes that you should have to explain to them WHY you want a permit to carry a concealed weapon.  Well DC, it’s because they live there.

Gun control laws don’t reduce violence, they reduce law abiding citizen’s ability to protect themselves.

Those that believe you shouldn’t have a gun to keep yourself safe are the same people that believe guns keep people safe.  How do I know that?  Because as soon as something bad happens they call 911 and ask for a man with a gun to come help them.


Of course, no discussion on failed gun control policies would be complete without mentioning gun free zones.

  • A gun free zone didn’t stop the murder of 13 people at Columbine.
  • A gun free zone didn’t stop the murder of 12 people in the Navy Shipyard massacre.
  • A gun free zone didn’t stop the murder of 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas.
  • A gun free zone didn’t stop the murder of 5 servicemen in Tennesse this year.
  • A gun free zone didn’t stop the murder of 12 people in an Aurora, CO movie theater.
  • A gun free zone didn’t stop the murder 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, CT.

When your president tells you that he’ll keep you safe with the same plan that has failed over and over and over again, you should be appalled.

It’s an insult to an reasonably intelligent person, and Obama should be ashamed for suggesting it.