052I mourn my children growing up.  

I know that they need to grow up and I’m proud of what they’re accomplishing as they do.  But when I see pictures of them as bright-eyed four-year olds I can still hear their little voices and it makes me want to weep that I’ll never hear that again.

But….Just like the boys remind me of their past selves, they’ve also begun to give me a glimpse of their future selves too.

I can see their childhood personalities developing into their man personalities.  I can see their humor, their compassion, their passion, their courage and their wisdom starting to shine through.  Not because that’s how we told them to act, but because that’s who they’re deciding to be.

Those glimpses into the future can soothe a parent’s heartache.  Because unless they grow up from who they are now, we’ll never get to meet the people they’ll be.  And I can’t wait.