Facing our problems philosophically

Law and order.  I wish there was a way of saying law and order that didn’t make our critics say, “Oh you’re talking about the racial question now”.  I would like to know how to say law and order by other means, but still mean law and order.  One of the problems that we face and that Nixon has got to face is this….What do we do about the growth of really mutinous members of the American community, these people have got to be faced not only politically but philosophically.
–William F. Buckley, 1968  

In 48 years the truth, and the necessity, of that statement has not diminished.

The war against those who reject law and order, and make no mistake…when they set their neighborhoods on fire, when they ambush the police, when the “knock-out game” becomes a household term, there is a war against law and order…that war must be faced both politically and philosophically.

Ask yourself which candidate is willing to face issues, and willing to find solutions, that address our country’s problems both politically and philosophically.

Those on the Left who want to feed the masses without addressing the underlying issues that keep the masses poor and unable, or unwilling, to work–Those people are only looking for the politically expedient solution, the temporary solution.

And those on the Right whose entire platform is built around anger, both their own and the anger of the masses they pander to, without offering substantive solutions to the problems they shout so loudly about–Those people aren’t interested in fighting philosophically against the problems of our country either.  The rage they express, when that rage is coupled with nothing else, is just another political expedient that does nothing but garner votes from the unthinking.

It seems to be a novel idea these days, and it’s a shame that it is, to ask a political candidate for what his real ideas are about how this country can be fixed.  There are a few that are offering their thoughts about what to do with the issues that face our country.  They aren’t shouting in anger, they’re just talking philosophically about how our country should run.  We need to be listening to those people.