Don’t let your phone commit cellucide!

Every year millions of cell phones are lost and not returned to their owners.  Those cell phones wind up in dank, crowded cell phone orphanages.  Unable to connect to Facebook every eleven minutes like they normally do, many of these cell phones just give up hope and let their batteries run dead.  Don’t let your phone commit cellucide.  Be a responsible cell phone owner.  

Everybody locks their phones with a passcode, which is a good idea.

Everybody keeps the “find your phone” feature turned off so the black helicopters can’t track them, which is a great idea.

But what to do when you leave your phone somewhere?  How will someone who finds it be able to track you down and return it?  Like this, that’s how.

Get a sheet of paper or index card and write a little note like, “If found, please call 123-456-7890.  Thank You.”  Put your spouse’s phone number or your home phone number on the card.

Now take a picture of the note with your phone.  Crop the picture so that everything fits on your phone.  It’ll look something like this….FullSizeRender

Set that picture as your lock screen.


Anyone who finds your phone can call you and return it.


Boom.  Be awesome.

In my experience, most people will do the right thing (return your phone) if given even just a little nudge to do so.  Giving them your phone number and saying “thank you” is all the nudge they need.

Don’t be stingy, share this with the world so they can be awesome too.