Dear Mr. President, THE FAMILY is the answer you’re looking for….

Dear Mr. President,

The FAMILY is the answer you’re looking for…. 

Last Wednesday in a press conference you addressed, at length, the problems facing the criminal justice system in our country.  In fact you spent 893 words addressing all of the things we should be doing to reduce the number of people we keep incarcerated, according to the transcript you’ve provided from the press conference.  And your solutions included….

  • Eliminating mandatory sentencing for drug offenses.
  • Create diversion programs like drug courts.
  • Drug rehabilitation programs for prisoners.
  • Preparing prisoners to reenter the workforce.
  • Reentry programs for prisoners leaving prison.
  • Early childhood education programs.
  • Better job opportunities for the underprivileged.
  • Better living conditions for the poor.
  • Employers giving job opportunities to convicted felons.
  • Non-profit organizations reaching out to at risk children.

Mr. President, all ten of those ideas sound great.  And hopefully they’ll work if you implement them.

But Mr. President, the answer you’re looking for is THE FAMILY.

There are direct and easily identifiable correlations between the demographics of men incarcerated in this country for non-violent drug offenses and men raised in single parent homes.

Mr. President, our country doesn’t need to pour money into more government hand-out programs that only debilitate the poor and take away their incentive to work.  Our country doesn’t need to spend more money coddling the criminals who were placed in prison according to the laws drafted and approved by their peers.

And our country certainly doesn’t need for children to be taken away from their families at younger and younger ages to be placed into the government-run school system.

What our country needs is for children to be raised in homes with a father and a mother.

Mr. President, the family is the answer you’re looking for.  A real family.  Not a “modern family” or a “family” based on 2015 interpretations of the word.  We need a family made up of a father and a mother who fear God, love each other and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of their children.

And if you’re so intent on using your power and influence for social reform in this country, direct it at the family.  Chastise the men who father multiple children out-of-wedlock.  Rebuke the mothers who sleep around with those dead-beat dads.  If you want to start an education program, start a program to educate young women about the sanctity of life and the value of their virginity.  Educate young men about their responsibilities toward the young women they date and their obligations toward their families.

Because fixing the broken families in our country is what will fix our country.

If you care about prison over-population in 2015, releasing prisoners will fix that.  But if you really care about our country you need to start paying attention to the one thing, that more than anything else, can keep our children from ending up in prison at all.  And that one thing is a healthy family.




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  1. Good article Doris and it is an absolute truth