Why Womens’ Empowerment Is Always A Failure

The United Nations chose an honorary ambassador for worldwide womens’ empowerment.  Who did they choose?  What one woman embodies all the qualities that young women should strive for?  

Wonder Woman


That’s right.  To empower young women who aren’t very sure of themselves, who need encouragement when they’re oppressed and downtrodden, the United Nations wants them to be aspire to be more like Wonder Woman.

Womens’ empowerment is symbolized by long legs, a slim waist, an ample bosom and……superpowers.

What exactly is the world trying to empower women to do?  Lasso evildoers?  Look for a boyfriend that can fly?

This is why womens’ empowerment programs are always such a failure.  They inevitably encourage women to do the impossible.

The world tells women they can have it all.  A career, and raise a family, and keep their homes in order, and have me-time.  The world “empowers” women by telling them to do whatever they want.  Disregard what God expects of you, what your family needs from you, what matters to anyone but you.

Be empowered by being a slave to your desires.

Selflessness and sacrifice, love for your children, encouraging the fainthearted, comforting the weak.  All of the things that a woman’s motherly instincts make the particularly suited for….All of the things that men are so often so terribly at….None of those things are encouraged.

It’s time for us to empower women by allowing them to be the best women that God created them to be, rather than what pop culture or (gasp) the United Nations thinks they should be.