Why isn’t Satan killing more Christians?

I don’t mean worldwide, because certainly there are Christians suffering across the world.  But I’m talking about right here in America?  Why aren’t we getting murdered for our faith?  I’ve wondered this quite a bit, not understanding why we have it so easy.  

But I may have discovered an answer, or at least a possibility.

The Devil is letting us off so easily simply because he doesn’t need to go through all the hassle of killing us.

To get us to choose This Life over The Next, all the Devil has to do is schedule a soccer game on Sunday morning, a parent-teacher conference at the same time as a Wednesday Bible study.  He just has to make a new vehicle so shiny that it consumes us.  He just has to make the water so deep that we lose hope.

The Devil isn’t killing us because he doesn’t need to.  He’s learned that we’ll lose faith at a much smaller cost than our lives.

It’s time to turn that around.