What America Wants

I don’t think America has any idea what it wants in a politician.

The Left wants everybody to be equal and have lots of free stuff.  The problem is that their dream is impossible.  So no, they really don’t know what they want in any realistic scenario.

The Right wanted a true conservative.  They wanted someone like Reagan, whatever that meant, and voters stayed home every election because the (R) candidate was too moderate for them.  Then when presented with the opportunity to vote for a conservative, they complained that he was too conservative and “unelectable” (the circular logic of not electing someone because they can’t be elected is apparently lost on them), so they voted for the reality TV guy.

The only thing that America knows for sure is that they want to be entertained.

On both sides of the American political discussion we have candidates telling people exactly what they want to hear, with no regard for the Constitution or reality.

The Left is being entertained with fairy tales of free college education and a living wage for entry level employment.  The Right is being entertained with angry rants of how Mexico will build us a “free” fence and how no more Muslims will get into our country.

Anyone with the common sense God gave a fence post knows that none of that is actually feasible, but they listen anyway.  Why?  I think it’s because what America wants, more than anything else, is to be entertained.

We’ve reached the point that what stimulates your mind is less important than what tickles your fancy.  And that’s a dangerous place to be.