We ALL Operate On Faith

Follow this example with me for just a minute…

Mr. Banker opens a new bank in town and advertises that his bank is the safest one around.
Mr. Hammer owns a construction company and decides to deposit the profit from his latest job in Mr. Banker’s bank.  Mr. Hammer deposits $1,000,000 in Mr. Banker’s bank.

Mr. Hammer has 1 Million imaginary dollars in his bank account.
Mr. Banker has 1 Million actual dollars in his bank.

Mrs. Pie needs money to open a new bakery in town and convinces Mr. Banker to loan her $1,000,000 to complete the project.

Mr. Hammer has 1 Million imaginary dollars in his bank account.
Mrs. Pie has 1 Million imaginary dollars in her bank account.
Mr. Banker has 1 Million actual dollars in his bank.

Mrs. Pie hires Mr. Hammer to build her new bakery and pays him $1,000,000–Which he promptly deposits into his account.

Mr. Hammer supposedly has $2,000,000 in his account, but Mr. Banker still only has $1,000,000 in his bank.

Unfortunately, the construction of the bakery went over budget (how awful!).  Mrs. Pie gets another loan and pays Mr. Hammer to finish the project.  Mr. Hammer deposits his last $1,000,000 into the bank.

Mr. Hammer believes that he has $3,000,000 in his account, but Mr. Banker still only has $1,000,000 in his bank.

And that’s how our economy works.  Goods are purchased, money is borrowed, bills are paid….with money that doesn’t exist.

Mrs. Pie has faith that her shop will be a success and she’ll be able to pay off her loan.
Mr. Banker has faith that if Mrs. Pie’s bakery is a success, she will actually pay her bill every month.
Mr. Hammer has faith that Mr. Hammer isn’t squandering that original $1,000,000 he deposited.

Everyone lives their life based on faith in something.  Things that are completely intangible.  Mr. Hammer has faith in something that he not only can’t see, but something that he KNOWS doesn’t exist (his $3,000,000).

Once you accept that your life is governed by things that you can’t touch, but believe in anyway, then you just have to decide WHICH intangible thing you’ll put your faith in.