To Get I’mAGiver Updates

Just a heads up…

So here’s how Facebook pages work…. If you “Like” the I’mAGiver page you don’t necessarily get notified when a new post is made to Facebook.  The post will only show up in your FB feed if FB determines that it’s popular enough to bother you with.

There’s two ways to get around that.

  • The more “likes”, shares and comments a FB post gets, the more likely everyone else is to see it.  So click and comment often.
  • OR….  On the I’mAGiver Facebook page hover over the button to “Like” the page and click the option to “Get Notifications”, then you’ll get notified every time a new post is made.

Or you can sign up for email notifications here, on the box at the top right of this page.

I’ve had a few people comment that they hadn’t seen any new posts for a while or had missed some, and they’ve been people who were waiting on FB to send them a notification about new posts (that they never got).