The Danger Of “Click To Share”

I think that Christians today are facing a challenge never faced before.

We’re commanded in the Bible to be reliable people (Matthew 5:37) and we talked about that a few days ago.  But before people find us reliable, they have to trust what we say.

200 years ago in order for people to not trust what you said, you had to deliberately lie to them.  But that’s not the case anymore.  We’re not just in the information age, we’re in the information overload age.  Any position you want to take, any statistic you want to claim, can be not only announced but can be supported with a real-live link to the internet.

But today we don’t even have to go looking for misinformation, it comes flooding in to us on a daily basis.  And that’s the danger of click-to-share.  Without any effort or ill intentions on our part we can send lies out to the world, completely unaware of what we’re doing.



We need to remember that what we say matters.  And when we pass along “news” articles that are full of lies, we’re putting our name on them too.


It’s not hard to check out links on Facebook to see if they’re accurate.  And if we’re not willing to see if they’re true or not, are they worth sharing?