Learning to vote-From the Bible

This has nothing to do with voting (R) or (D).


The Bible doesn’t give us a list of how we respond to every possible situation, it tells us what kind of people we should be-Which leads to us responding the correct way when bad situations arise.

And we shouldn’t expect a candidate to tell us how they’d react in every possible situation they might face.  But if we learn what kind of people they are, we’ll have a good idea of how they’ll react.

I don’t need to read and analyze a candidate’s plan for fixing our broken welfare system.  I just need to know that he believes in personal responsibility and the value of hard work.

If a candidate tells me that he is against all forms of abortion for all reasons, he’s told me more than his stance on an issue….He’s revealed a part of his personality to me.

If a candidate tells me that he supports capital punishment, he’s told me more than his stance on that issue….He’s revealed his world view on crime, punishment and the concept of reaping what you sow.

We come to know God by learning about his character through the things that He tells us in the Bible.  Rather that looking for lists of “I’ll do this” from our political candidates, we should be picking out the clues that reveal their personalities to us too.