How the story of Christ is different than any other…

Samuel Clemens made a great name for himself writing about the Mississippi River as Mark Twain.  But he said later in his life that after learning the river as a riverboat captain, it lost all of its mystery.  He didn’t see the water swirling mysteriously, he saw the evidence of dangerous hidden boulders beneath its surface.  

And that’s the way that nearly everything in life is.  The more we become familiar with something, the less enamored we are with it.  The toys our kids opened just a few short weeks ago are now buried under their beds.  New puppies quickly become just something to feed and clean up behind.  Great movies aren’t quite as exciting the second or third time we watch them.

But the story of Christ is different.

The more we hear the story of Christ, the more we read about the life He lived, the better we understand the sacrifice that He made for us, the more we love Him.  And that’s what sets the relationship we have with Christ apart from any other relationship we have.

Everything else, new toys, new pets, new cars, favorite movies or books…All of those things, the more we come to know them, the more we tire of them.  But with the story of our salvation, the more we come to know it, the more we come to love it.

We should hear that story, come to know that story…because that will only make us love the story more.