Fonix Phriday….Homophones

Homophones are my favorite.  And this is the simplest visual explanation for them that I’ve ever seen.


Thirteen homophonic things eye believe:

  • Carats are best served with roast.
  • Having gas is bad.  Running out of gas is worse.
  • Thee wicked flea when know won pursueth.
  • A good knights sleep will cure what ales ya.
  • Random ax of kindness are without pier.
  • The first thyme eye ever flue was to meat my wife’s family (Eye was terrified own both accounts).
  • Foul weather should knot bee aloud wile your own vacation.
  • Thee only pi eye have ever enjoyed was maid of strawberries.
  • Hour country is better off than thee media portrays.
  • Thee thought of owning a cat that will per gives me paws.  (Like that one….a cat gives me “paws”?)
  • Thee rowed home is always thee most enjoyable two travel.
  • A bridle gown, wouldn’t bee much of won, unless ewe where too so more material two it.
  • And eye believe that heroin is the most unfortunate of all homophones.


Sew….Watt dew ewe believe?