Flags, Wedding Cakes & Power

Honestly, I think there’s about 5% of the population that really cares about the confederate flag being flown today.  And I think there’s only about 5% of the population that cares about wedding cakes being baked for homosexual “marriages”.  So why do so many people pitch such a fit about them?  I’ll tell you why.

For the record, I don’t have anything personal against the confederate flag.  I believe that for many people it represents part of their heritage, much like all of the hyphenated-Americans today identify with their ancestors.  But I do think that it’s silly to fly the confederate flag over a government building.  I’m not sure how the south ever got away with that to begin with.  The confederate flag is a symbol of a vanquished nation.  And what vanquished nation is taken over by their conquerors and then gets to keep flying their flag?  So from a governmental standpoint I think the flag should come down.

And honestly, even though I disagree with gay “marriage” if I owned a bakery I’d still bake a cake for a gay wedding.  I don’t think there’s anything in the Bible that prohibits a Christian business owner from doing business with sinners.  And I also believe that the Bible is pretty clear that a Christian whose conscience keeps them doing things that aren’t sin has a weak conscience, not a stronger one.

So I’m not writing this as a racist, homophobic kind of guy.  I’m writing this as a person who is able to see through the false outrage that’s so prevalent today.

And what I see is a country of people who are so starved for a feeling of self-worth that they’ll latch on to any cause, no matter how nonsensical that cause might be.

The notion that a business owner HAS to bake a cake for an event that he honestly believes to be a violation of God’s will is crazy.  Ask yourself, why would someone want to FORCE a Christian to do something that violates their conscience?  There’s only one reason for that, and it’s POWER.

Mankind has an innate desire for power.  And that’s what this wedding cake and confederate flag business is all about.  Exerting power over other people.

And that’s where these causes start.  One person wanting to exercising control over another person, forcing someone else to bend to their will.  I ask you to bake a cake and you say no?….Well, we’ll just see about that, I’ll MAKE YOU bake me a cake.

It has nothing to do with wanting a cake, or wanting a cake from a particular bakery.  These gay “marriage” wedding cakes debacles are rooted entirely in someone’s desire to exert power over someone else.  Nothing more and nothing less.  And when you think about it in those terms you see just how ugly these “causes” really are.

And power is addicting.  When the homosexual agenda sees that they can make Christians bend to their will in one area, it won’t stop.  First they’ll make a Christian bake a wedding cake.  Then they’ll make a Christian recognize their marriage as legitimate.  It has nothing at all to do with homosexuals wanting to be happy, it has to do with homosexuals wanting to force other people to do what they want.

The same thing is happening with the confederate flag right now.

Honestly, who REALLY cares about the flag that’s flown over the South Carolina state capitol building?  Here’s a hint….If you weren’t thinking about it before it hit the news, you don’t really care.

But people want to impose their will onto everyone else….over something that had never even crossed their mind before last week.  Make no mistake about it, the confederate flag business isn’t about racism, slavery or anything else….but power.  There are people who want to stamp their feet and hold their breath until everyone else gives in and does that they want.  Pure’n’Simple.

So what about everyone else though?  Because not everyone is on those bandwagons for power, obviously.  Some people are just along for the ride.  But why is that?  Why would people invest so much time and energy into a cause that really has nothing to do with them?

In a world full of discontentment and selfishness, people are willing to do anything to feel superior to their fellow-man.  And that’s manifested in the support that these causes gain.

People want to feel important.  There’s nothing particularly important about the day I have planned tomorrow….I’m going to stop by the post office, run a few errands and mow the yard when it cools off in the evening.  How boring is that?  But what if I also spent time caring about major social issues, perhaps even major social issues that affected minorities?  THEN my day wouldn’t be boring. Then my day would be worthwhile and full of value.  Then I’d be important.

People have a desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves because it gives them a sense of immortality.  In 60 years my grandkids won’t care to hear stories about how I mowed my yard one hot June afternoon.  But maybe they’ll care if I were part of a movement.  And maybe after I die something that I did will make a difference.  And so I jump on the nearest bandwagon, hoping against hope that something I do in life will be remembered.

It just all seems so desperate and shallow.  And exhausting.

How do people have the mental stamina to spend their lives jumping from one hot button issue to the next, allegedly caring for each new issue with a fervor that’s quite unimaginable…considering they’d never even heard about the issue in the previous few days or hours?

I’m sure it is exhausting to live like that, but that’s the life that you’re bound to live–When this life is all that matters to you.