Fellowship….With Yourself?


I’ve spent some time recently reading through old articles in Christian publications and the idea of fellowship keeps coming up over and over again.  Who should we fellowship with?  Who should we refuse to fellowship with?

And amid all of those articles that were written over the past twenty years or so, I can’t help but wonder if any of those authors have ever changed their mind about something that they’ve written.

Obviously, they probably haven’t changed their minds about the existence of God or the infallibility of the Bible.  But what about the meatier parts of the Word?  What about the articles written on the nature and work of the Holy Spirit?  What about the articles written about the foreknowledge of God?

Because when people talk about fellowship, it often seems like they’re taking an all-or-nothing attitude.  You can either agree with me 100% (because obviously, I’m the one who’s right) or I won’t fellowship with you because you’re “going beyond the teachings of Christ”.

So I’d like to ask the question……Would you fellowship with yourself, from 10 years ago?

What about twenty years ago?  Is there something that you believed or even taught others in the past twenty years that you now believe you were wrong about?

The whole notion of not having fellowship with someone because they don’t have a perfect understanding of the truth is pretty thin ice to be standing on, if you’ve EVER changed your mind about something.  How would you treat yourself from ten years ago?

Because if you can fellowship with an imperfect you from ten years ago….How should you be treating an imperfect someone else right now?