Dear Mrs. First Lady, you’re not a victim…

Dear Mrs. First Lady, you’re not a victim.  So please pump the brakes on your constant rants about how victimized and mistreated you are.

Let’s review (with lots of pesky facts and links and such).

I would think that the first lady of the United States Of America would realize how blessed she is.  In case you don’t remember just how blessed you are, here’s a little reminder, courtesy of Judicial Watch:

  • May, 2009–An $11K date night with your husband.
  • August, 2010–$467K trip to Spain
  • February, 2012–$83K weekend ski trip to Colorado
  • June, 2013–$7.3 MILLION trip to Ireland.
  • June, 2013 (It was a busy month)–$2.3 MILLION is entertainment, lodging and security while in Africa.
  • Labor Day, 2014–$1.5 MILLION in travel expenses alone.

Mrs. First Lady, anyone who enjoys $11,000 date nights and $7,000,000 trips to Ireland isn’t a victim.

And your not-a-victim status didn’t start at the White House, ma’am.  After graduating from both Princeton (who currently only has a 7% admission rate) and Harvard (who currently only has a 6% admission rate) you went on to earn over $316,000 a year as VP of the University of Chicago Medical Center in 2005.

In fact, your salary put you into the dreaded “1%” category in 2005.

Now please don’t take me wrong.  I’m not saying you didn’t deserve to go to Princeton and Harvard and make all that money.  It appears you’ve always been an exceptional student and exceptional students tend to make boatloads of money later in life.

But after spending your entire life in the top few (or embarrassingly, I’m sure, the top ONE) percent of our fine country, I’d expect you to at some point realize that your life really isn’t so bad.

But apparently you’ve thought your life was really bad for a while now.

Just a few days ago you went on for more than 300 words in a speech about how mean people are to you (by, gasp, wondering what kind of First Lady you’d be….how dare they?).

And a few months ago you told Ellen that living in the White House was so hard because you can’t roll down your car windows.

In April of 2014 (this is easily the most offensive quote of all) you likened being on the campaign trail to being married to a soldier.

And in June of 2013 you described the White House as “confining” and a “really nice prison“.

I don’t know, maybe taking a break from your 1% income job to go on the campaign trail with your millionaire husband was so much like combat that you’ve got PTSD and need all those vacations.  And if that’s the case, I’m truly sorry.

But here’s a little hint from somebody in the middle…..You need to be quiet about how bad your life is.

Because all the parents who are struggling to send their kids to community college….All the people driving to work with their windows down because the car A/C is broken (trust me, Michelle, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be)….All the families who are pinching pennies to take their kids on a pretty mundane vacation….All the husbands picking up an overtime shift to take their wife on a less than $11K date….And most especially, all the military wives wondering if their kids will ever get to meet their deployed fathers…..All of those people think you sound petty, shallow, and pretentious.

You’re not a victim of anything but your own pompous ramblings.  But here’s some good news, that’s pretty easily solved.  Just keep quiet and enjoy the next few years.  Because soon, your days in that prison of a White House will be over.