Dear Mr. President, About the $10 bill….

Dear Mr. President,

About this business of changing the $10 bill…..

Just to be clear, nobody cares if you change whose face is on the $10 bill.Unknown

In fact, in the debit card world we live in I wasn’t even sure who was on the $10 bill.  I can’t remember the last time I handled or even saw a $10 bill.

And I also don’t care that it’ll be a woman’s bust (like a sculpture…get your mind out of the gutter) on the $10 bill.  There are a lot of women in our country who have done great things and I’m sure we’ll find someone worthy to take Hamilton’s place.

So be assured, Mr. President, the reason a change to the $10 bill is causing such a commotion isn’t because anyone actually cares about who’s on the $10 bill or that anyone cares if there’s a woman on the $10 bill….

The reason there’s such a commotion is because we don’t trust you to preside over something as simple as changing the face on a piece of paper money.

And let me be clear, it’s not that I think you’ll say one thing and do another….I’m scared of you because you do exactly what you say.  And what you say is what you believe.  And what you believe is crazy.

The only problem I have with a woman being on the $10 bill is that I don’t trust you (or society) to even know what a woman is.  Society thinks that somehow Bruce Jenner has changed his genetic code with elective surgery, and you support him too.  So when I hear that “a woman” will be on the $10 bill, I just cringe….not knowing what my government even means when they say that.

I’m quite certain there are a plethora of women who could do the $10 bill great justice.  But I just don’t trust you to find them.

Your obsession with encouraging the fringe kooks of our society, the way you’ve personally identified with dangerous street criminals rather than their victims, the way you’ve repeatedly marginalized the people in our country who are working to make this world a better place…..All of those things make me scared for you to preside over something as simple as this.

Certainly, a change to the $10 bill doesn’t begin and / or end with your office.  But you’ve spent the last several years interjecting yourself into every other possible situation in this country that’s none of your business, so pardon my skepticism about this being any different.

I, and many others, have reached a point that is beyond just disagreeing with you on particular policy issues.  We’ve reached the point where ANYTHING you do is suspect, just because you’re involved in it.  And I’m completely serious when I say that I’m sorry that it’s reached this point.