Dear “I’m just not politically correct” guy…

Dear Mr. I’mJustNotPoliticallyCorrect Guy,

I hear how often you say “I’m just not politically correct”, but I think that what you mean is “I’m just a jerk”. 

There are some people who are legitimately fighting against the doctrine of inclusion and acceptance that is ruining our country.  And if you want to fight with us by being politically in-correct, then by all means join the fray.

But if you just want to give vent to every offensive thought that crosses your mind, don’t hide behind the badge of “I’m just not politically correct”.  Call it what it is and say something like “I’m a jerk and just enjoy making people angry”.

Because those of us who are actually in the fight don’t need your help or influence.

It’s very possible to stand up for what you believe in, disagree with other people, and swim against the current of society without being a jerk.  People (rational, intelligent people) do it all the time.  It’s actually pretty effective.

In fact I believe that if you’re really convicted in your beliefs, on whatever topic you choose to take a stand on, you should be able to vocalize your feelings without resorting to name calling or rudeness.

Have you ever heard someone say “With all due respect” and then follow that up with something completely and utterly disrespectful?  You know how stupid that sounds?  Well “I’m just not politically correct” is used in the same way, just as a post script to the offensive diatribe rather than a pre-diatribe disclaimer.

There’s a big difference in being willing to offend someone while standing for the truth and taking joy in offending someone just for the fun of it.

Christians are called to season their speech with salt, preparing their words in the same way they would prepare a meal for person receiving their words (Colossians 4:6).  And they’re called to not give full vent to their spirit (Proverbs 29:11).

That’s not always as fun as getting everybody else all riled up, but it’s definitely more useful.  And it’s what we ought to be doing to begin with.