Click and Share…..Unless you’re a terrible person?



Does anyone else think that the “Click If You Agree” stuff has gotten out of hand?



I’m all for sharing all of the funny, inspiring and bizarre that the interwebs have to offer, but come on people….share it and move on.

Are we really so insecure in our own internet persona that we have to assert our superiority through the sharing of pictures?  If you don’t share you don’t love Jesus….If you don’t share you do love cancer…..

And by far I think the most awful is the “If you don’t share this picture you think my disabled daughter is ugly”.  So now we’re using our children and manipulating your emotions to get you to share our Facebook post?  Give me a break.

Honestly, I do love Jesus, I hate cancer and I happen to think your daughter is beautiful.  But I also think you’re totally lame for trying to guilt me into clicking a button.  So I won’t.

It’s not even the “Click if you agree” part that rubs me the wrong way.  It’s the “Or ignore if you don’t”.  Well, since Facebook doesn’t give me a thumbs-down option I think it’s pretty obvious that I was going to either agree or ignore.  Ignore is my only option.

If there were a “smite” button I’d use that, but there’s not.  There’s just a quickly scrolling screen ignoring your incessant barrage of passive aggressive pictures.

The internet can be an ugly place, there’s no reason to dirty it up with your insecurities too.