A look at the radical environmentalist agenda (and the dead).

According to Hindu religious beliefs the dead must be burned in order for their soul to get “complete freedom”.  In India most traditional cremations take three days and consume a considerable amount of wood (presumably causing unneeded air pollution and certainly using a considerable amount of wood from the countryside).

So Indian environmentalists are trying to overturn centuries of tradition and religious beliefs in the name of cleaner air.  “India is trying to become a highly developed nation without doing as much environmental damage as countries like the U.S. and China did when they were making this leap. To succeed, India will have to make huge changes in its energy policy, as well as small-scale changes in the way people go about their daily lives — and their deaths.”

“Centuries-old religious practices don’t just transform overnight.”–That’s right.  In the name of plentiful forests the Hindu of India are expected to transform their religious practices.  Because, trees.

Don’t doubt for a second how radical the radical environmental agenda really is.  They’ll even mess up your life after you die.

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