Lighthouses and Flare Guns

I’d imagine you’re all familiar with Phillip P. Bliss’ hymn Let The Lower Lights Be Burning, and the story behind it.  Lighthouses are the giant, unwavering beacon in the night that keep sailors safe.  And Bliss’ song and the lesson behind it compares those lighthouses to God’s word, that when “dark the night of sin has settled”, shouts a warning for all to hear that they should avoid the wreckage of sin. Read More

Crazy Girlfriends (And why Obama should’ve had one)

Crazy girlfriends.  There’s so much to say I’m not even sure where to start, except that the world would be a better place if Obama would’ve had one. Read More

Eric’s Unmentionables Shopping Adventure

So normally when I need a new pair of socks or underoos I just mention it to the wifey and she takes care of that sort of thing for me. But recently we stopped at Target to get the boys some new clothes and I told myself, “Self, why don’t you just mosey on over to the unmentionables section and pick up some new unmentionables so your pretty bride doesn’t have to do it for you?”

So I did. I mosey’d on over to the unmentionables section for guys….or so I thought…. Read More

Plants KNOW When You Eat Them

For THIS, I’ll Eat My Vegetables.

Researchers at the University of Missouri recently discovered that plants know when they’re being eaten.  Yeah, you read that right.  Read it again and just let it sink in. Read More

A different perspective on our hymns

While getting ready for a song service this Wednesday night I came across this website and thought it was fascinating.   Read More

A Peculiar Pickle Proposal

PlaysWithFire wandered through the living room a few days ago carrying a half eaten pickle. Read More

Empty Calories

Hidalgo County, Texas is on the southern border of our great country, just this side of the Rio Grande from Reynosa, Mexico.  Hidalgo County has roughly 806,000 residents and 47% of the children in Hidalgo County live in poverty.  The poverty that exists in Hidalgo County is real.  It’s not the “I’m poor, but I drive an Escalade to pick up my Blue Santa Christmas presents” kind of poor.  It’s the “I live ten miles down a dirt road, in a house with cardboard walls and have no electricity or running water” kind of poor.  It’s conditions that you’d expect to see on the other side of the river.

Surprisingly though, 44% of the children in Hidalgo County suffer from childhood obesity.  When I first heard that statistic I imagined skinny, emaciated kids living in boxes in the south Texas brush while chubby little rich kids played video games all day in town.  But that’s not the case. Read More

My irrational disdain for Canada

I can’t explain it, but I don’t like Canada.  I suppose that Canada is a nice enough place.  The parts of it that I’ve seen have been pretty.  The places that I’ve seen though have been those places very close to America, so that’s understandable. Read More

Party Like A……

LIKE A 9 YEAR OLD!!!!!!  Oh yeah!!!

Last night we celebrated KickTheBall’s ninth year of survival.  And by all measures he’s not only surviving, but thriving; Which is a good thing for those of us entrusted with ensuring his survival and thrivation.  Go me, right?

Birthdays can be a weird thing (just like how the doors on a DeLorean open).

Read More

All Birds Are Democrats

Today I helped KickTheBall build a bird house.  Pretty simple, huh?  I mean, I’ve built entire houses from rough sketches on a sheet of graph paper.  People houses.  That people lived in.  And they were awesome.  So I assumed that I could take my boy out to the garage and throw a bird house together.  Wrong. Read More

Edison’s Elephant

In 1903 Thomas Edison electrocuted an elephant.  On purpose.

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